What is Parkour?

Take a look.  It's easier than trying to explain...

Parkour, "L'Art du Deplacement," the Art of Movement

Parkour can be difficult to put into a nice neat box.  Because it is constantly evolving, has no major governing body, and has no official rules or regulations, it is a subjective art.  I will try to wrangle this nebulous art for you anyways!

Parkour is the art of moving your body across obstacles quickly and efficiently, similar to obstacle course racing, ninja warrior, or the kind of chase scenes you see in action movies.  We teach people how to jump, climb, and swing safely, combining elements of track and field, gymnastics, rock climbing, and natural movement.  At AMP, these skills are taught in a similar fashion to a martial arts class, with a full curriculum, skill levels, and social skill development.  Our goal is to build happy, healthy, helpful members of society through the fun and exciting art of Parkour.

Free Running, Expressing Creativity Through Movement

If Parkour's goal is efficiency, Free Running's goal is creativity.  Students learn to express themselves through an endless variety of movements taken from multiple disciplines including gymnastics, acrobatics, break dancing, stunt work, and martial arts tricking, in addition to some skills that are attributed only to Free Running.  AMP's Free Running classes focus on creating safe, effective progressions for students to learn to flip, twist, and balance in a style that is unique to each individual practitioner.