Red/White Band Video Game Night

School is about to be back in session. Let's celebrate the end of Summer by partying at the gym. Video Games, Parkour, Table Top Games, Movies, we'll do it all! This event is open to Red/White Banders 13 and Up (others by very limited approval). The event will go from 8pm on Saturday until 9am Sunday. Sleep will be strictly enforced at 1 am, and a supervisor will be awake and on duty at all times. We have multiple couches and mats to sleep on for those who don't enjoy the floor. Snacks will be provided, and we encourage all members to bring food for the event, but no meals will be served. ***Students who can't sleep over are welcome to get picked up at any point in the evening. This has been one of the most EPIC events we've done in the past, so DON'T MISS OUT!

Just the Facts

Date: Saturday, 8/26/17
Time: 8pm - 9am
Cost: $40
Who: Red/White Band Students age 13 and Up
What to Bring: Video Game Systems, Video Games, Monitors, Tabletop Games, Card Games (magic and pokemon included), movies, food, and more food. 
Capacity: 24 participants, so REGISTER TODAY!

Questions: Email