Update! 7/30/18

August Changes at AMP


Taking in data from surveys, coaches feedback, financial analysis, and the fact that our rent is going up in August, we’ve created/bought a ton of new equipment, and we are adding open gyms, we are making changes to many aspects of AMP.  Please take a look!


  1. We’re Going Non-Profit!  With a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided to make the change to become a non-profit.  This will allow us to get grants, receive tax deductible donations, and better align with our goals.  I’m getting my masters in Non-Profit Management and Philanthropy, we have a lawyer, tax accountant, and in house accountant all on board.  

  2. New Equipment: We’ve been updating like crazy, if you haven’t noticed.  Here’s what’s new!

    1. Upgraded the Foam Pit!  It it more open, you can now run/tumble into flips, it has a foam floor top for safety, the crash mats are moved away from the edge, and there is a bar to do flips into the pit and crash mat.  The reviews are in and everyone LOVES IT!

    2. Rail Vault Trainer!  Part of the new Foam Pit is the railing system we installed.  It can be used to train rail vaults, descents, under bars, dynos, and much more!

    3. Rock Climbing Wall!  We added a rock climbing wall with routes of all different levels.  It is quickly becoming a favorite of students.

    4. New Foam Floor!  We replaced the foam on our spring floor.  It is new, shiny, and all of the foam obstacles stick to it like glue!

    5. New and Fixed Vaults!  We bought two new foam vaults AND had the old ones fixed.  The variety is endless!

  3. Open Gym:  We will officially offer open gym every day of the week (except Sunday) with very specific qualifications.

    1. Kids Red/White (level 3) and Above

    2. Teens Black Band (level 2) and Above

    3. Adults All Levels

  4. Summer Fundraiser:  With all of our awesome changes, we need your help!  With everyone taking breaks for vacation, we can’t go non-profit, pay for the new equipment, pay the additional insurance for open gym and take on our rent increases without your help.  If you could support AMP with whatever amount possible, we would be truly grateful.  Support us at our Donations page at https://www.amparkour.com/summer-fundraiser


  1. Pricing.  There will be a $5 increase on most programs due to our increase in costs and upgrading of the facility.  However, it’s only $5 for most programs. It’s not big, but with 200+ clients, it will make up for our loss of revenue.  We hope you understand. If not, email Mike your hate mail. : )

    1. $75 for once a week

    2. $130 for one program

    3. $150 for two programs

    4. $160 for three or more programs

    5. $50 for a second family member

    6. $20 any member/program addition after that

    7. $20 drop in for any class/open gym

    8. $90 for a 5 punch pass

    9. $160 for a 10 punch pass

    10. $260 for a 20 punch pass

  2. Coaching Changes.  We’ve made changes so coaches are less burnt out and students have access to all three head coaching styles

    1. Scott will be head coaching Parkour Monday and Saturday

    2. Mike will be head coach Wednesday and Thursday

    3. Kevin will be head coach Tuesday and Friday

    4. We will be assistant coaching for each other an additional 2 classes a week

    5. Assistant coaches teach 2 classes a week

  3. Updated Curriculum: the coaching staff at AMP has been hard at work processing everything we’ve learned from the last year and a half in the new space.  Add to that the expertise of previously nomadic coach Ian Want, and we’ve had the chance to make some changes. Here are some of the changes:

    1. More focus on beginner students learning to use free running obstacles (foam pit and air floor)

    2. More focus on learning to bail from advanced moves so we can teach even cooler stuff safely

    3. Better coherence between daily, weekly, and monthly class topics to improve the efficiency of learning and better retention

  4. Office Hours: Our response time to emails is weak (you may have noticed) since it was only me answering.  All head coaches will share this duty during office hours every day of the week. This will allow faster response time and a period for people to drop in and check out the facility.

    1. Mon-Fri 4-5pm

    2. Extended hours on Wednesday til 6:30pm

  5. Open Gym Skill Qualifications

    1. Foam Pit Orientation, Climbing, and Safety Orientation

      1. All new participants in the first 10 minutes

      2. Rules of the foam pit, safety concerns

      3. How to climb up on objects (no elbows/knees)

      4. How to climb down

      5. Safe jumping heights

      6. Use of mats

      7. Use of Progressions

      8. Restricted Skills (bars, top of bars, specific flips)

    2. Bar Qualification: How to properly use bars for swinging

      1. Mats

      2. Re-Grip

      3. Release Forward

      4. Release Backward

      5. Kick Start

      6. Peeling

      7. Ripping

      8. Tops of Bars Off Limits

    3. Restricted Flips: All flips on this list must be approved by the supervising coach by showing success at each step of the progression (foam pit, air floor, crash mats, spring floor, etc…)

      1. Gainers

      2. Double Flips

      3. Bar Flips (fly away, reverse fly away, etc..)

      4. Wall Hanging/Cast Flips (cast away, devil/angel, gargoyle, hang cast, swing cast, etc..)

  6. General Schedule Changes

    1. Prodigies moves to Tues/Thurs and will be taught by Mike and Kevin

    2. Kids classes (level 1 and 2) every day of the week

    3. Most kids classes M/W/F

    4. Most teen classes T/Th/Sat

    5. Adult classes Mon-Thur (open gym Fri/Sat)...

    6. Teen MMA Mon/Wed/Sat

    7. BJJ Mon/Wed/Sat

    8. Weekly Intro Classes: Saturdays at 3pm

    9. Weekly Free Running and Acro Classes:  Mon/Wed/Fri at 6:30pm

    10. VIP open gym for coaches, stunt professionals, and special guests

    11. Saturday birthday parties moved to 5:00pm


9.  Schedule Organized by Program for Your Convenience

Parkour Ages 6-7 ~ 45 minutes

Tues/Thurs  5:00 pm


Kids Parkour Level 1 ~ 45 minutes

Mon/Wed 5:00pm

Tues/Thurs/Fri 5:45 pm

Sat 10:15 am


Kids Parkour Level 2 ~ 45 minutes

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri at 5:45pm

Sat 10:15am


Kids Parkour Level 3 ~ 45 minutes

Mon/Wed 5:45pm

Sat 12:00 noon (1 hour class)


Teen Parkour Ages Levels 1 and 2  ~ 60 minutes

Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm

Sat 11:00 am


Teen/Adult Parkour Ages Levels 3 and 4  ~ 60 minutes

Tues/Thurs 7:30 pm

Sat 12:00 noon


Adult Parkour ~ 60 minutes

Mon/Wed 7:30 pm

Tues/Thurs 8:30 pm

Fri (Open Gym) 6:30 pm

Sat (Open Gym) 12:00 noon


Free Running 8+  ~ 60 minutes

*Kids ages 8-12 must be PK level 2 to join

Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30pm


Supervised Open Gym ~ 90 minutes

Mon/Wed 7:30 pm

Tues/Thurs 8:30 pm

Fri 6:30 pm

Sat 1:00 pm


VIP Open Gym for Coaches, Stunt Professionals, and Special Guests

Mon/Wed 8:30 pm

Fri 7:30 pm

Sat 1:00 pm


Homeschool Parkour Classes  ~ 60 minutes

Mon/Wed 1:00pm

Tues/Thurs 1:00pm


Teen Kickboxing and Grappling ~ 45 minutes

Mon 6:30 pm

Wed 5:45 pm

Sat 11:00 noon


Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  

Mon 7:30-9:00 pm

Wed 6:30-7:30 pm

Sat  1:00-2:00 pm


Filipino Martial Arts

Sat 1:30-2:30 pm