Tricking, Flips and Acrobatics

What is Tricking?  

It is the extreme martial art centered around the fluid combination of flips, kicks, and twists seen in national martial arts competition routines, live martial arts performances, and on the big screen in movies such as Tron: Legacy, The Protector, The Expendables 2, and many others.  Tricking is a close cousin to Free running as well as BBoying (Breakdancing) with its emphasis on style and individuality rather than practicality in an actual fight.  Though a few of the moves might be featured in a highlight reel knockout for the UFC, the goal is learn to generate and preserve momentum using an infinitely big bag of awesome tricks.


I can't do a backflip, can I still do tricking?

Absolutely.  Classes follow a format very similar to the parkour classes and are incredibly scalable.  In the beginning you will be learning and refining basic and intermediate level kicks, constantly improving the form, precision, flexibility, and fluidity of each.  Additionally, you will learn basic gymnastics skills such as cartwheels and roundoffs, which will be added as the transition pieces between movements later on.  Once you have gained some of the basic prerequisite skills necessary, you will start to learn to flip and twist as well.  


Why should I learn tricking?

Though I can't say tricking will get you out of a life threatening situation, it is an incredibly fun and exciting art, which you can practice anywhere.  There is no need for obstacles, special equipment, or even shoes!  In free running we learn to use our surroundings to express ourselves creatively, and tricking is doing so using a blank canvas.


Scott Hoffman will be teaching the beginner tricking class, focusing on fundamentals and form.  We will also be working closely with Justin Carney and Melissa Basch of Trick Dynamix in East Windsor, as well as the GCA Tricking program in Fairfield, CT.  


Just the Facts Jack:

Who: All students ages 10 and up

When:  Classes are offered for 90 minutes once a week on Saturdays from 2:30pm-4:00 pm

Cost: $70/month or $25 per class