Our Team

Adaptive Movement Parkour utilizes an all volunteer staff comprised of 20+ individuals hand picked from our community who have demonstrated the attitude and drive to be an instructor.  These students go through a rigorous 6 month training process which is personally taught by the senior coaches at AMParkour.  Our instructors pass through 5 levels on the way to becoming an expert coach.  You can see those levels at the bottom of this page.


Scott Hoffman, Head Instructor

Gym 1.0: Scott Hoffman has been teaching martial arts for almost 20 years, has been teaching Parkour since 2009, and is a certified Secondary Education Math Teacher and Department Head at his school.  Teaching is his thing, and building leadership is his specialty.  He really hates writing things in third person, but will continue to do so until the end of this paragraph. Scott has multiple certifications and ranks, but most importantly, just loves creating a space for people to do cool stuff.  

Rank:  AMP Red Band (Level 4), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, 4th Degree Kenpo Karate Black Belt, 1st Degree Modern Arnis Black Belt

Certifications: WFPF Level 2 Parkour Certification, Secondary Math Education Certification, Harris International JKD Level 5 Certification, Harris International Filipino Martial Arts Certification, Harris International Grappling Certification, CRLA Math Tutoring Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED Certification

Mike Lavoie, Full Instructor

Gym 1.0: Mike is tied as AMParkour's first student with co-owner Kevin Giles.  Mike showed up to our very first class in 2009 and has been showing up ever since.  Mike's coaching focuses on creativity and breaking through fear barriers to achieve your body's potential.  Mike has been instrumental in coaching and curriculum design since 2011, and is the most entertaining of the three owners on the Parkour side.  

Rank: AMP Red/Black Band (Level 5)

Certifications: WFPF Level 2 Parkour Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED Certification

Kevin Giles, Full Instructor

Gym 1.0: Kevin also showed up for our very first class and has brought his unique experiences and talents to the gym ever since.  Kevin's teaching focuses on discipline and teamwork, pushing an "earn your keep" mentality which encourages students to help out with setting up and cleaning up equipment during class.  Kevin has been a staple in the BBoying/Break Dancing community in central Connecticut for over a decade and will be utilizing those skills in our upcoming BBoying classes.  

Rank: AMP Red Band (Level 4)

Certifications: WFPF Level 1 Parkour Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED Certification

Kyle Simpson, Primary Instructor

Gym 1.0: Currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kyle has been training under Professor Roy Harris for 8 years and is a level one grappling and FMA instructor. Kyle is a firm believer in developing a student's personal style upon a foundation of solid fundamentals. Kyle is patient and insightful and happy to share all he knows.  In addition to helping run The Deep, the martial arts wing of AMParkour, Kyle and his wife Ashley also run The Elephant Room, which is the Yoga wing of AMP and The Green Room, a soup, salad, and sandwich restaurant in Middletown, CT.

Rank: BJJ Purple Belt

Certifications:  Harris International FMA Instructor, Harris International Level 1 Grappling Certification, Corporal (USMC)

Johnny Adams, Primary Instructor

Gym 2.0: Johnny started out as a parent of one of our most prodigious students, then decided he wanted in on the action as well.  Johnny has trained Parkour and Martial arts with AMP for years, but refuses any sort of formal rank.  He coaches boxing/kickboxing and whatever else we need his help with, and also helps out around the gym on a regular basis with the types of things owners usually do.  Because that's the kind of person he is.

Rank/Certifications:  Conscientiously Objects to formal rank

Parkour Staff: (Alphabetical Order)

Luke Adams, Primary Parkour Instructor - Inactive

Gym 1.0, Rank/Certifications: AMP Red/Black Band, WFPF Level 2 Certification

Vince Brown, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 1.0: Vince has been with AMP since 2010, and is known for his incredible positive energy, his whacky teaching mnemonics (try to knee Zeus in the face!), and his constant drive to refine his skills.  Vince is an avid martial artist and accomplished tricker in addition to his Parkour skillset. Vince has taught at Flight trampoline park and Trick Dynamix in addition to teaching at AMP. Vince is currently getting his undergraduate degree at Easter Connecticut State University in Biology.  Vince is one of our ambassadors to the Parkour and Tricking communities, as his ability to meld with every group takes him across the country to various events.

Rank/Certifications: AMP Red/Black Band (Level 5), WFPF Level 2 Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED

Henry Cancel, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 3.0: Henry started out as a traceur and free runner in New Jersey until he moved to CT.  He is one of the few "outsiders" that we adopted into our gym, and is now an indispensable part of our family.  Henry is known for his infectious enthusiasm, his creative style (and clothing), and his willingness to step up to any challenge put in front of him.  Henry frequently travels to events across the country and is another one of AMP's ambassadors, recently co-hosting our first "Extreme Zumba Jam." 

Rank/Certifications: AMP Red/Black Band (Level 5), WFPF Level 2

Devin Carrier, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 1.0: Devin graduated from Portland High and is now studying engineering at Manchester Community College. He's always loved movement so Parkour became one of his passions around age 12 in 2010.  Devin is also an avid martial artist, and teachers at a Ninja Warrior facility when he is not at AMP.

Rank/Certifications: Red/Black Band (Level 5), BJJ Blue Belt, WFPF Level 1, First Aid/CPR/AED

VideoDEVIN'S Progression

Adam Carson, Primary Parkour Instructor - Inactive

Gym 2.0, Rank/Certifications:  Red Band (Level 4)

David Fahey, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 1.0:  David Fahey was in our first cohort of child athletes.  David has always exemplified a unique style, preferring to gear his movement toward creativity rather than tradition.  Dave is known for his super smooth rolls and drops, as well as his proficiency in multiple tech fields such as music engineering, video game programming, and DJ'ing.  Dave has also taught at multiple other facilities where he has refined his craft working with non-AMP students.

Rank/Certifications:  Red/Black Band (Level 5), WFPF Level 1

Michael F, Primary Parkour Instructor - Inactive

Gym 1.0, Rank/Certifications: Red/White Band (Level 3)

Josh Forchheimer, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 2.0: I'm gonna be honest.  I didn't like Josh when he first showed up to the gym.  If you had told me he would one day become one of our most trusted instructors, I probably would have told you that you were crazy.  And then, after years of tolerating our shenanigans, he became one of us, and the gym is not the same when he is off to college designing video games at Champlain College.  

Rank/Certifications: Red Band (Level 4)

Philip Madison, Primary Parkour Instructor

Gym 2.0: Philip has a love of movement, the arts, and film, and let's nothing stand in his way when it comes to his goals.  He partners with Luke Adams to run the UConn Parkour Club, and has also been featured on American Ninja Warrior.  Philip brings energy and experience to our facility, having also coached at a ninja warrior facility.

Rank/Certifications: Red Band (Level 4)


Bobby McFarlane, Full Instructor

Gym 2.0:  Bobby is a 10th degree blackbelt in Taijutsu with 20 years training in martial arts and 12+ years of parkour.  He has a bachelors in Math and Physics and specializes in teaching the science of efficient parkour movement. He has a parkour dog and a wide array of strange talents and activities. Jack of all trades, master of n...  well... Martial arts technically.  

Rank/Certifications: 10th Degree Black Belt Tai Jutsu, various other ranks


Jade M, Apprentice Instructor - Inactive

Gym 2.0, Rank/Certifications: Red/White Band (Level 3)


Nick Sousa, Primary Instructor - Inactive

Gym 2.0, Rank/Certifications:  Red Band (Level 4), WFPF Level 2

Alex Strupinski, Primary Instructor

Gym 2.0: Alex is our tech guru.  If there is something new and cutting edge, Alex knows everything about it.  He comes from a background of national level figure skating, and has an eye for physical movement like few others.  Alex is also fairly fluent in ASL and Polish, allowing him to teach even greater numbers of students.  

Rank/Certifications:  Red Band (Level 4)

Jacob W, Primary Instructor

Gym 2.0:  Jacob is the workhorse of the gym.  He is the most consistent, hard working, and caring coach that I've ever seen.  Despite only being in high school, he has found his voice and his passion in Parkour, and keeps everyone going when the going gets tough.  

Rank/Certifications:  Red Band (Level 4), WFPF Level 2

Ian Want, Full Instructor

Gym 4.0:  Coach Ian has been around the Parkour block a time or two.  Having coached across the country from west coast to east coast, he brings a ton of knowledge to our program.  Coac Ian runs our daytime homeschool classes as an independent contractor, and is constantly analyzing and refining his teaching craft.  Ian is now an avid Jiu Jitsu practitioner as well, competing up and down the east coast, and researching/developing new skills daily.

Rank/Certifications:  WFPF Level 2

The Deep (Martial Arts) Staff:


Johnny Adams, See Owner's Section

Scott Hoffman, See Owner's Section

Chris Martell - Inactive

Gym -2.0, Rank/Certifications:  4th Degree Black Belt Kenpo Karate, Black Belt Filipino Modern Arnis, Black Belt Budoshin ju-jitsu, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Level 2 JKD Instructor, Level 1 FMA Instructor, Level 2 Grappling Instructor, and Green Glove in Boxe Francais Savate.

Bobby McFarlane: See Parkour Section

Jose Pacheco

Gym 2.0:  Jose Pacheco has had a long and impressive career in martial arts.  Starting as a child at Middletown Kenpo Karate, Jose quickly became a standout in their program, becoming one of the youngest students to get a black belt from the organization, leading the demo team to multiple competition victories, and eventually becoming an amazing instructor in his own right.  Jose was one of the earliest adopters of BJJ from the organization, and also led his high school wrestling team as a captain.  Jose is known for many things, including his incredible creativity, impressive skills working with children, and his wisdom when it comes to working with other humans in any capacity.  Jose formerly owned the Modern Self Defense Center and is training for his brown belt in BJJ.  

Rank/Certifications:  2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, Level 5 JKD Instructor, Level 1 Grappling Instructor, Level 1 Filipino Martial Arts Instructor, BJJ Purple Belt.


Kyle Simpson: See Owner's Section

Aerial Silks Staff: 

Kristen Hoffman, Primary Aerial Silks Instructor

Gym 4.0: Kristen has been with AMP since 2010.  She had been involved in dance classes for 13 years, she was on the varsity swim team in high school, she has been a certified Secondary Mathematics teacher since 2013, and fell in love with aerial silks in June 2017.  She has participated in parkour and kettlebell exercises, and she has completed multiple adventure races, such as Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, Zombie Charge, and other 5K's.  Kristen combines her athletic skills with her teaching skills to break down moves so they are accessible to many types of learners of all ages.

Facility and Support Staff:

Jen F, Administration

One of our parent volunteers who helps with everything from website design, logo/t-shirt design, zen planner work, and running the front desk.  AMP wouldn't be where it is without Jen!

Peter and Debbie H, Jacks of All Trades 

Two parent volunteers who help clean, do maintenance, and small project work around the gym. We are eternally grateful for all of your support.

Instructor Levels:

1.  Assistant Coach: This person shadows a Primary instructor, gives feedback and high fives to students, helps set up activities and demonstrates skills to be taught by the Primary Instructor.  Most students spend a month in this phase.  

2.  Apprentice Coach: An apprentice is someone who is now actively beginning to teach classes under the direct supervision of  a Full Instructor.  The apprentice has been given the tools, progressions, and theoretical knowledge to convey techniques and concepts to the students.  Though they are allowed to teach anything from a skill to an entire lesson, they are never without a supervisor their to maintain safety and assistance.  They are also not allowed to spot students for any inverted skills, but begin to learn and practice spotting techniques for things such as basic vaults and cat hangs. Students typically spend 5 months in this phase.

3.  Primary Instructor: A primary instructor has put in the time and effort under direct supervision to teach classes on his or her own. A primary instructor begins spotting inverted skills with the assistance of a Full Instructor, and is given more freedom to be creative with his or her classes.  The Primary Instructor focuses not only on building skills, but building relationships with the students.

4.  Full Instructor: A Full Instructor is one of AMParkour's Supervisors.  These members have been teaching and training for multiple years, and are responsible enough to not only teach students, but also manage financial transactions, communicate with parents regarding student issues, host events, and supervise/mentor other lower level instructors.  The full instructors are the life blood of AMParkour, as they push the community forward in a positive direction.

5.  Head Instructor: A Head Instructor is someone who's been there and done that.  AMParkour currently has one head instructor.  A Head Instructor has one goal.  He wants to make the community greater every day by doing any and every job task that can't be done by someone else.  

Gym Info:


AMP 1.0: Our original location in Middletown, CT from 2009-2012 as part of the Modern Self Defense Center.

AMP 2.0: Our second location in Middletown, CT from 2012-2014 as part of Crossfit Religion.

AMP 3.0: Our secret location in West Hartford, CT from 2014-2016 as part of The Fit Playground.

AMP 4.0: Our current location in New Britain, CT from August 2017 to present as its own entity, Adaptive Movement