Why AMParkour?

There are dozens of options for Parkour, or at the very least, Parkour-esque activities (gymnastics schools, trampoline parks, ninja warrior gyms, etc...).  So why would you want to choose AMP over these other options.  Well, I'll tell you why.

People first, not Parkour!  Our goal is not to create the best Parkour athletes in the world, but rather to create the best community of human beings you can find, using Parkour as the vehicle for change.  There is a reason why our clients from six years ago are still around, and why we get emails all the time from previous clients thanking us for changing their lives.  

We've been here the longest!  We started AMP in September 2009 and have been refining our craft through 4 different facilities. Interestingly enough, those people who showed up day 1, month 1 or year 1 are still here teaching, training, and owning the business. 

We teach actual Parkour!  We don't teach "urban gymnastics," "street tumbling," "ninja classes," or any other gimmicky class to get your attention.  We teach true, fundamental Parkour, and safe, high quality free running.

Safety through progression!  We have spent the better part of a decade learning, teaching, and trouble shooting every vault, spin, swing and flip.  Not only do we know HOW to teach it, but we have specifically designed AMP 4.0 to create opportunities for gradual progression through each and every skill.  From foam pits, crash pads, multiple distances, varied elevations, and much much more, we have made it easy to gain skills safely.

We are not a free for all!  Every class is structured and focused on skill building, both physical, social, and emotional (fear is one of the biggest obstacles you will face in Parkour).  We teach students how to take calculated risks so that when they are ready, they can manage those risks without a coach there for approval.  

The gym of our dreams!  Our 13,000 sq. ft. facility is easily accessed from multiple major highways, has ample well-lit parking, super high ceilings, and so many amenities.  We have a dedicated Parkour area, gymnastics floor, Martial arts area, Yoga room, multiple parent waiting areas, birthday party room, tutoring rooms, 6 bathrooms, and an impressively strong heating system for those cold winter months.  Check out the photos to see how awesome everything looks!

Special events and field trips!  Our students come for the Parkour, but stay for the community, and the amazing events.  From jams, tricking battles, MMA fights, trampoline park overnights, mountain hiking, rock climbing, paintball outings, movies, Halloween parties, Relay for Life, indoor surfing, actual surfing, indoor skydiving, and video game sleepovers, we know how to have good, wholesome, ridiculous fun.  Come join the party, it's happening with or without you. . . 

Local passion, community pride!  Our entire staff are passionate, locally raised, grass fed volunteers.  But seriously, our instructors have been raised in the CT community by its members and are now spreading their passion to the newest generation.  We are here because we love it, not because we want to get paid.  We take pride in our community and seek out ways to constantly reach out and help those around us.