White (Parkour)


The AMP White Band classes are put in place to build a strong foundation of functional movement skills within our students.  Our goal is to build the strength, speed, endurance, coordination and balance necessary to become a Parkour athlete.  The class focuses on developing two major skillsets: proper landing and proper bailing (safely failing to complete a movement).  Students will also get to try their hands at the beginnings of every major type of movement within the Parkour realm.


Black (Parkour)


 If White Band is the foundation, then Black Band is the building blocks.  During the time of your Black Band, you will be focusing on the essential skills and movements that you will be using for the rest of your Parkour career.  You will not only be challenged with a greater variety of movements, but also tasked with harder variations and bigger obstacles.  By the end of your tenure as a Black Band, you will be training for the Red/White test, an hour long summary of everything you have learned thus far.


Red/White (PK/Free Running)


Our Red/White band students have shown that they have mastered the basics, can train safely, and can be aware of others even while they are moving through space.  Entrance into the Red/White class takes hours of hard work and tons of sweat, but once you get there, your world will expand exponentially.  At this level, students are entrusted to learn from our various supplemental curricula such as Free Running, Breakdancing, Gymnastics, Martial Arts Tricking, Rock Climbing, and Martial Arts.  In addition, students will be given time for Open Gym, a period where they can work on skills of their choosing under the supervision of the coaching staff.



Solid Red (PK/Free Running)


By the time students reach the Solid Red Band, they have developed an impressive breadth of movement.  Every one of their basics has been done thousands of times, and can be completed with speed, power, flow, and CONFIDENCE.  Though there is still room for improvement in many areas, this is the time when students start to specialize.  Whether they take to vaults, bar work, wall skills, or simply becoming masters of the flow, each student finds their own path. Red Band classes are designed to challenge and push our students to the highest level of proficiency so that they can represent our gym effectively and responsibly in the greater Parkour community.

Red/Black (PK/Free Running)

Students at the Red/Black level have reached the launching point for their real journey.  Red/Black members no longer need bands in order to motivate them to learn, train, and excel.  Instead, they are focused on bigger goals like developing a personal style, connecting with the Parkour community, branding themselves as professional athletes, participating in competitions, or teaching the highest level classes at AMP.  Some may see Red/Black band as the end, but in reality, it is just the beginning.