Monthly Nerf Nights at AMParkour

AMParkour hosts the most amazing events for kids, and our Nerf Nights are no exception. 


Kids ages 8 - 14 can jump in on the action, battling friend and foe alike across our Parkour arena.  With three different areas to play (big team battles on the Parkour floor, duels on the spring floor, and small team battles in the martial arts area) your child will be getting a crazy workout running, jumping, and shooting for the better part of 2 hours.  Safety is our first priority and all participants will be wearing masks and eye protection for the entirety of the session.  A close second is fun, and with dozens of game types like Medics, Protect the President, Zombies, Defend the Tower, and many more, they will never get bored.  Each night has a theme, so every event is unique.  Come try them all at AMParkour!

***Students will be required to follow all Covid Precautions:

1. Do not show up with any flu like symptoms

2. All students must wear masks upon entering, and throughout the entire event, no exceptions.  (Please treat goggles with anti-fog, as masks do make this more tricky)

3. All students must stay 6 feet apart at all times

Just the Facts

Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Place: 60 Peter Court, New Britain, CT 06051
Who: Kids ages 8-14
Cost: $35 per drop in, $25 for members
: 16 participants, so REGISTER TODAY!

What to Bring:

1. A Comfortable Mask: no bandanas, gaiters, or porous materials

2. Two Nerf Blasters: regular or rival, one non-automatic

3. Eye protection (preferably treated with anti-fog)

4. Athletic clothing 

5. Water bottle

***Restrictions: No modified guns, no guns that shoot Nerf discs, no guns that shoot Mega darts.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 5th

  • Dec. 3rd

  • Jan. 7th

  • Feb. 4th