60 Minute Introductory Class

Only $10
Only $10

Like the idea of Parkour but not sure what to expect?  Have an adventurous side and just want to try something new?  The best way to get involved with AMParkour when you’re not ready to jump right in is to come to our intro class/open house, geared towards…. well, everyone.  Completely out of shape?  You can participate!  Olympic caliber athlete?  We can challenge you.  We scale every movement for each individual so that everyone can have fun and learn!  

Here's what you'll get!


  1. Get a tour of the 13,000 ft facility.

  2. Get a good warm up to safely participate.

  3. Learn many of the basics on our plethora of obstacles (yes I did just want to use the word plethora).  
    ***These movements include: proper landing technique, precision jumps, cat leaps, wall runs, underbars, rolls and vaults.

  4. Run an obstacle course using many of the skills learned in class.

  5. Come away sweating and smiling.  You will probably be a little sore the next few days as well.  

  6. Be subjected to my jokes and antics.  I’m sorry, this will not be a formal affair.


We've done (literally) hundreds of these, and everyone loves it!  So join on in.  

How to sign up!

Go to amparkour.zenplanner.com, and click on the CALENDAR.  Click on the date you want and register either as a DROP IN, or you can register for a monthly membership at the same time and get the intro ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! BOOM!  DONE!

When: Sundays at 12:30pm

Cost: $10 (Or FREE with purchase of a monthly membership)

What to bring: Comfortable workout clothes, sneakers, a water bottle, a mask (if currently mandated) and a towel if you’re extra sweaty.

Who to bring:  All of your friends and family ages 6 and up.  Also a parent to sign the waiver if you are under 18.  Waivers can be found by going to the calendar at amparkour.zenplanner.com/calendar.cfm.  (Any group of 6 or more must reserve a group event rather than an intro)

Address: 60 Peter Court, New Britain, CT 06051

Questions?  Email: Scott@AMParkour.com

-See you there!