$10 Intro Parkour Class

Here's what you'll get!


  1. tour of the 13,000 ft facility.

  2. A good warm up to safely participate.

  3. A lesson on the basics on our plethora of obstacles.
    (yes I did just want to use the word plethora). 

  4. A workout that will have you sweating and smiling.  

  5. An impromptu comedy routine.

How to sign up!  (In 2 SUPER COMPLICATED steps)

1.  Go to amparkour.zenplanner.com, and click on the CALENDAR.  

2.  Click on the date you want so you can register!

Just the Facts, Jack.

  • When: Sundays at 12:30pm

  • What to bring:

    • Comfortable workout clothes

    • Sneakers

  • Who to bring:  All of your friends and family ages 6 and up!  

  • Questions?  Email: Scott@AMParkour.com

-See you there!