Some of your Questions with Answers

Can I just show up, or do I need to go to an open house?


You may choose to show up for a regular class absolutely free, though the intro class is a much easier progression for those who are less comfortable.

My child is under the minimum age of 6.  Do you have classes for him/her?


Due to safety reasons, having large packs of young children around hard equipment doesn’t fly with me.  I do, however, run private lessons for kids under the age of 6.  So if you are interested in getting your son or daughter started early, contact me at HERE.

What should I wear?


Comfortable workout clothing and sneakers.

What kind of shoes are good for Parkour?


1.  The company WFPF makes the Know Obstacle Generation 1 and Generation 2 shoes.  The Gen 1′s are heavier and less flexible but last longer.  The Gen 2′s are super light and flexible but wear sooner.  Both have very good grip.  $40-$50

2.  For a shoe that will last longer than the KO's, try the Ollo's.  They are just slightly heavier, but will last a considerable amount more time.  Go to the Ollo website, OlloPK to pick some up. $55-$60

3.  For a more conventional brand that you can try on at the store, you can go with the Adidas Racers.  They are an all around good shoe.  $60-$80

4.  For the hardcore in the group, many people train in Feiyues, a canvas shoe which is ultra light and ultra flexible, but has very little sole and therefore wears through fairly quickly.  This shoe will force you to use proper technique.  You can get them from but make sure to get the regular version, not the high tops.  $18-$25

Can you teach me to do a back flip?


Yes. But I won’t.  Unless you get to our third level, the Red/White Band.  Or pay for private lessons.

What's the best way to get started?


We have two ways for you to get started.  Each way has pros and cons.


1.  The usual path!  Try an Intro Class.  At the class we will give you all the info and skills you need to feel confident jumping into class.  Check the schedule for dates.

2.  Try a private lesson.  This is the best way to get a head start if you really want to show up day 1 and have the skills and knowledge of our students who have been here for a bit longer.

3.  Drop in.  If you're sure this is the thing for you, you can register online or at the door for a drop in class.  Minors must have a parent sign the waiver, and drop ins cost $20.  To save some money, why not buy a punch pass?

What else should I bring?


A water bottle, a towel if you’re extra sweaty, and an adventurous attitude.  Also, make sure your waiver is filled out online ahead of time, and bring a credit card to sign up!

What’s the difference between Parkour & Free Running?


Philosophy/Mindset.  Parkour = efficiency of motion.  Free Running = creativity of motion.

I’m old/a girl/out of shape, can I do Parkour?


(I get this all the time, actually).

Yes.  Being “old” (what is old anyways?), out of shape (everyone starts somewhere), or a girl (seriously, what is this the 50′s?)  has no bearing on your ability to do Parkour.  Parkour is about understanding your body and using it more effectively. 

My son or daughter runs around and climbs on everything, is Parkour for him/her?


Yes.  In fact, this is the ideal place.  We teach them to do so responsibly and safely.

Are you certified?  Are you a real business?  Do you have insurance?


Yes,  WFPF Level 2 Certified.  Yes, Mike and I formed a multiple partner LLC (Adaptive Movement Parkour LLC).  Yes, through Anthony Insurance.

How did you start?


Watching YouTube videos, running around, climbing on things and getting hurt.  Then I smartened up and actually started learning from people who knew what they were doing and stopped getting hurt.

Where can I do Parkour outside?


Property you own, Private property you have express written permission to be on, and public property as long as the authorities don’t feel you are being overly unsafe (i.e. no climbing on roofs).

Is Parkour Dangerous?


Only if you train it poorly without progression and honest self evaluation.  More people get injured in football, wrestling, or cheerleading than the Parkour trained at AMP, because we take the guesswork out of whether you are ready to try a new skill.  We squash the “Chuck it” attitude and enforce safe progression.  We have an excellent safety record and are first aid certified if anything is to go wrong.

Have you ever jumped off a building?


Nope.  Well once…. onto a giant mat.

Do you make any Parkour videos?


Nope.  There are no videos of me doing anything online, ever.  So don’t bother looking…