Covid-19 Update

AMP is Open, so Let's Keep It That Way!


Updated 5/1/22


1.  Don't show up if you have Covid, think you have Covid, have a suspicion you might have Covid, have been spending time with people who have Covid, if you've eaten an exotic animal with Covid, or if you've recently broken a vile of Covid on the counter in front of you at a top secret laboratory.  

2.  Follow all laws and regulations regarding Covid that are currently in place so we don't get shut down.

3.  Do not hassle anyone who continues to wear their mask, even if it is not required.  You don't know their medical or family history.


1.  Check in using the Zen Planner App when you get here so you don't need to touch the sign in clipboard or iPad

2.  Wash hands for 20 seconds in the bathrooms in the main hallway 

3.  Masks are optional

4.  Vaccination and Available Boosters are recommended, but not required

Big Thanks:

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who has supported the gym in these tough times.  Small businesses took a beating, but we're still standing (barely).  Multiple members, including the Down Syndrome Foundation of CT have continued to support us, and we've received multiple donations that have certainly been the lifeline that has kept us afloat.  See you at the gym!

-Scott and Team AMP