Covid-19 Update

AMP will be re-opening on June 20th with some modifications

to protect the health of students, staff and families. 


Hey everyone,

Your friendly neighborhood AMP owner here.  AMP is in a tough spot like many small businesses.  By the time we open, we will be over $20k in the hole and counting, with a lot of people not coming back either due to health concerns, financial concerns, or the usual summer drop off.  Luckily, our landlord is willing to work with us to help us get back on our feet, and our team is ALL IN on keeping AMP alive.  It is also great to hear that Covid doesn’t transfer from person to person as easily via contact with infected surfaces as initially thought.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words, prompt response to our re-opening survey, and of course a huge thank you to those who continued to support the gym financially even in our closed state.  This team means the world to us!


Quick Reminders:

1.  Come through the FRONT DOOR, not the garage door 

2.  Check in with someone at the front desk, or do so using the Zen Planner App (preferred)

2b.  Please reserve your class ahead of time.  We can only have 50% capacity, so each class has strict limits.  If you show up without reserving, and the class is full, we will have to turn you away.  

3.  Wash hands for 20 seconds in the bathrooms in the main hallway

4.  Wait by the cubbies 6 feet apart from other members

5.  Temperature checks will be conducted by the instructor or front staff person.  Any temperature 100 degrees or above will not be able to participate.  

6.  Please adhere to all social distancing markers and arrows (i.e. staircases are now one way only, marked by blue arrows).

7.  Only one guardian per participant, and if possible, please wait in the car during class (besides, it gets hot in the gym)

8.  Please wash your hands or hand sanitize before leaving.  The bathroom inside the gym by the staircase will be open as a hand wash station only.  

9.  Birthday Parties will no longer eat in the facility, due to the increased risk this poses to clients, families, and staff.  Our birthdays are now shortened to 90 minutes and the price reduced to accommodate this change.  


What to Bring:

1. A second pair of shoes that are used just for the gym

2.  A mask (required by state regulations.  Other gyms have been closed for not enforcing mask rules)

3.  A water bottle.  Fountains are not allowed by state regulation

4.  Acceptance.  This is what is required of us, so please do your best to help us keep everyone safe and the gym open!

Big Thanks:

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who has supported the gym in these tough times.  Small businesses took a beating, but we're still standing (barely).  Multiple members, including the Down Syndrome Foundation of CT have continued to support us, and we've received multiple donations that have certainly been the lifeline that has kept us afloat.  Additionally, the AMP staff came together yesterday to clean, organize, and mark the facility to keep everyone safe and got so much work done.  I cannot thank them enough!  We hope you'll join us when you feel safe!  See you at the gym!

-Scott and Team AMP

All of our changes can be found at the links below:


Private Lesson/Birthday/Intro Schedule: 

Participant/Student Guidelines 


Class Structure:

Coaching Guidelines:


Facility Changes: 


Private Lessons:


State Documents:


Posted Signage:


Full Phase 2 Re-Opening Guidelines:


If at any point you feel that AMP is not upholding the standard required by the state to protect the safety of our students, staff, and families, please text your concerns to (860) 462-3303 or email 


How can you help?


AMP is struggling, and we aren’t afraid to admit it.  Here are a number of ways you can contribute.  

  1. Donations. Anyone who is willing to donate to the gym is encouraged to.  We were going to start a GoFundMe, but they take a decent percentage of the money, and we need every cent we can get.  If you are willing to donate, you can do so via Paypal (, check, card or cash.  Feel free to email is you have any questions (

  2. Buy merchandise.  We will be putting together new designs and creating a large order.  Please join us in picking up all the cool gear, and proudly wearing it in class and out. If there are any businesses who would like to support AMP and get a write off, you can also advertise on our upcoming Save AMP Shirt.  Please email for details. 

  3. Picture Day!  For any parents interested in getting awesome pictures or video of their children in action, sign up for picture day!  More info coming!

  4. Write a review for AMP at, on Google Maps by googling “Adaptive Movement Parkour”, on Yelp, or on Groupon if that’s how you found us.  Every positive review helps people know that AMP is the place to be!

  5. Share our social media!  As we get closer to opening, we will be posting more on Facebook ( and Instagram (@connecticutparkour).  Every share is a chance for a potential customer.  

  6. Send us a video of you or your child describing why they love AMParkour.  We will be compiling these and posting them on social media, as well as in a larger video in hopes of getting a corporate sponsor and private donations.