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Covid-19 Update

Hey Team,

Scott here, reporting from AMP Corona Prevention Headquarters.  We’re a place of congregating, there are hands on stuff, and we are in close proximity.  We need to be smart too. We intend to stay open while monitoring the spread of the disease with some preventative measures in place.  If at any point we think that the threat is great enough, we will let you all know and we will be cancelling classes. Until then, here is the plan starting Saturday.


  1. We will be strictly enforcing a policy of no signs/symptoms of any kind of illness.  If you are sick, please stay home for two weeks.  For your health and everyone else’s.

    1. If you or a family member have reason to believe that you have come into contact with someone with the virus, please do not come to class for two weeks.

    2. If you or a family member are travelling somewhere that the virus is known to be spreading (international or interstate travel to hot zones like Florida, Washington, and New York), please stay home for two weeks.

  2. We will be deep cleaning the facility, and doing cleanings every evening after class.  Though we can’t clean every inch, all major surfaces, door knobs, etc… will be cleaned each night.  

    1. Adults who stay past closing time will be put to work helping to clean!  : )

  3. We will be strictly enforcing a “wash in/wash out” rule.  When you come to the gym, you must wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before participating.  NO EXCEPTIONS. The same will be true on the way out.  

    1. We also recommend washing your clothes and taking a shower after training.  Not just because of Corona, but because, you know, hygiene.  

  4. We are CANCELLING a number of high risk activities/events including: 

    1. BJJ CLASS as it is the highest risk class in our facility. 

    2. Saturday Open Gym as it is the highest concentration of people all week

    3. Saturday Group Intro Class as it brings the most new people in with a group

      1. New students can try out class individually during regularly scheduled times

    4. NERF event in March, as well as the JAM the same day.  You can put your reservation forward to April (preferred) or get a refund. 

    5. Kickboxing classes will continue with no person to person contact or switching of equipment between members.  

    6. We will re-evaluate these cancellations at the end of the month

  5. We will be staying off of the bars and out of the foam pit for all classes.

  6. We will be replacing high fives and hugs with a low foot.

  7. Any customer with a birthday party can continue to have the party by following our safety precautions or will be able to reschedule at no extra cost.  

  8. We will be putting up signs around the gym reminding everyone what the plans are, and reminding everyone that they are training at their own risk.  We will do everything in our power to make our facility clean and safe, but we cannot be 100% fool proof.  


Thank you all for being patient and helping to lessen the effect of this pesky virus.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at scott@amparkour.com.


-Scott and Team AMP


P.S.  Please keep in mind that AMP barely survives each month as it is.  If possible, we ask that you continue to support AMP, especially in the event of a temporary shutdown.  To continue changing lives and being a second home for those who need one, we will need the community to pull together.