AMP Challenge Night

Coach Ian of AMParkour will be hosting our first kids and teens competition!

This will be a super low pressure, jam style competition. There will be a speed event and a skills event. Students will compete as many times as they would like in the allotted time on the speed courses and at the skills stations (cat hang station, vault station, precision station, etc. . . ). Skills stations will have 4 levels of challenges, and completing the challenges earns points (a level 4 challenge completed earns 4 points). This is a great format for students' first competition since they do not have all eyes on them, and we are encouraging ALL students to come out and give it a shot! There will also be some bonus events just for fun!

The cost is $15 for one event (speed or skills), $20 for two events, or you can get the early bird discount by registering for both events by Jan 21st for only $12!!!!

Event kicks off at 4:30pm for kids ages 8-12. Teens will start at 6:30 (ages 13-17)

Please come help make this a memorable event!

Just the Facts

Date: 2/24/18 at 4:30 pm (Kids) and 6:30 pm (teens)

Location: Adaptive Movement Parkour!

Cost: $12 by Feb 1st.  See above.

What to Bring: Regular Parkour Attire and and adventurous spirit!