BJJ Seminar - Top Control for LEO/Military

FREE 2 Hour BJJ Seminar: Controlling the Top for Law Enforcement/Military/First Responders

The Deep Martial Arts at Adaptive Movement Parkour is offering a FREE seminar in controlling an opponent who is actively trying to escape. With decades of martial arts experience, our instructors will help you DOMINATE someone by using leverage, weight placement, and active controlling techniques, pinning them to the ground and removing their arms from the equation. This is not a seminar where we will be "showing you the technique." You will be training, sweating, struggling, and safely building skill sets in one day. Come on down and jump in!

Just the Facts

Date: 8/20/17
Time: 12:00 noon-2:00 pm
Place: Adaptive Movement Parkour, 60 Peter Court, New Britain, CT 06051
Who: LEO/Military/First Responders. (Active or retired). ***There will be a $20 charge for anyone who attends but isn't one of the above classifications. 
What to Bring: Athletic Clothing, An Open Mind, and a Safe Training Mindset (We're not trying to win the UFC here).
Cost: FREE
Capacity: 20 participants, so REGISTER TODAY!

Seminar Topics
  • Why/How BJJ is Useful

  • Limitations of BJJ

  • 4 Types of Top Control

  • 3 Major Control Positions

  • 3 Minor Control Positions

  • How to Deal with the Strikes

  • How to Deal with Headbutts/Bites

  • How to Train These Skills Safely and Effectively with a Partner