Are you looking for a fun birthday party for kids?  
Are you an adult looking for something more exciting than dinner with friends? 
Are you a teen who's gotten too big for the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit?


Come enjoy Central Connecticut's ONLY location for Authentic Parkour Birthdays! 



What will You get?

1).  EXPERT INSTRUCTION! You will get an INTRODUCTORY LESSON into the world of Parkour and Free Running that lasts over an hour.  The session will involve learning new skills and putting them together in entertaining ways.  

2).  TONS OF FUN!  We have GAMES, CHALLENGES, OBSTACLE COURSES, and everyone's favorite, a FOAM PIT FIGHT!  

3).  OPTIONAL NERF BATTLE!  For the last 30 minutes, you can opt to have an all out Nerf War in our facility.  Students are encouraged to bring their own Nerf blasters (Standard, non-modified weapons that shoot darts or Rival Rounds, not discs) OR they can borrow ours!  (Really love Nerf?  You can request longer than 30 minutes!) 


4).  OPTIONAL Chow Time!  We provide the tables and chairs, you provide the rest!  Cupcakes, pizza, or something else delicious.  Please don't bring anything that makes a huge mess as we have to clean and reset between parties (chips, popcorn, and silly string are our worst nightmare).

All participants will go home sweaty, tired, and a little sore, with huge smiles on their faces.  


Come see why AMParkour is the best birthday party idea in CT, for kids, teens, and adults alike!  You won't find another party like this ANYWHERE!!!

Birthday Parties

Party Breakdown

How long:  2 Hours.  Come in 15 minutes early to set up!


Time Breakdown:

Parkour Party:

  • 15 minutes of rules and warm up games.  

  • 60 minutes of skills and obstacle courses.  

  • 15 minutes jumping and flipping in the foam pit

  • 30 minutes to eat

**Nerf Party:

  • 15 minutes of rules and warm up games.  

  • 30 minutes of skills and obstacle courses.  

  • 15 minutes jumping and flipping in the foam pit 

  • 30 minutes of Nerf Battles and Games

  • 30 minutes to eat


Fridays @ 6pm (one Friday per month reserved for Nerf nights)

Saturdays @ 5:30pm (held every other Saturday)

Sundays @ 2:30pm and @ 5pm

Age requirements:  We accept participants ages 8-125 years old.  No guests under 8 will be allowed to participate unfortunately.

Participant Limits:  We accept 1-15 participants currently due to Covid Concerns



$290 for a 90 minute party WITHOUT time reserved for food

$340 for a 2 hour party WITH time reserved for food

What to bring/wear

  • Masks approved by CDC (no bandanas, gaiters, or masks with holes/vents)
    *Please email with any mask concerns or exemptions

  • Comfortable athletic clothing

  • Sneakers

  • Water bottles

  • *Nerf Blasters/eyewear optional if you are doing a Nerf Party

    • We can provide blasters, ammo, and eyewear as well​


  • A $40 deposit is required to hold a date

  • I try to accommodate any insanely last minute request, but a month in advance would be super duper as our schedule fills up fast.  

Party 1.jpg

***Sign Up Process

1. Find a date on the calendar page above

2. Place a $40 Non-Refundable Deposit down on the date

3. Check in a week before to confirm final number of participants, whether you will be doing Nerf, and any special requests.

4. Final payment is either $250 for the 90 minute party or $300 for the 2 hour party.  


Have other questions?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more info.