Birthday Parties

  • Are you looking for the most fun party for kids?  
  • Does your spouse want more than a dinner party?
  • Teen too big for a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit?


Come enjoy Central Connecticut's ONLY location for Authentic Parkour Birthdays! 

What You get?


Jump in for an INTRODUCTORY LESSON in precision tomfoolery! 

2).  TONS OF FUN!  



Run while blasting friend and foe alike! Dozens of Game Types!


4).  Chow Time! 

We provide the tables and chairs, you provide the rest!  

All participants go home Sweaty and Smiling!  

Party Breakdown

How long:  2 Hours

Come in 15 minutes early to set up!


Time Breakdown:

  • 15 minutes
    Rules and Games  

  • 30 minutes
    Skills and Obstacles  

  • 15 minutes
    Foam Pit Jumps/Flips 

  • 30 minutes
    Nerf Battles

  • 30 minutes
    Chow Down



Fri, Sat, and Sun

(See Calendar for Times)

Age requirements:  

Ages 8-125 Years Old

Participant Limits:  

1-15 Participants

  • Includes Birthday Child

  • Every Additional Child is $50


$340 Total 

  • Cash, Check, Card

  • $40 Deposit

  • $300 On the Day

What to Bring/Wear

  • Athletic Clothing

  • Sneakers

  • We Provide:

    • Blasters

    • Ammo

    • Eye Protection

Frequently Asked Questions
( For Detail Oriented People )

How do I reserve a party?
1. Go to Zen Planner
2. Find a date/time that is open (it will say 0/1).
***Reserved Dates are Greyed Out and Say 1/1***
3. Follow the prompts to register.

What if the day/time I want isn't on the calendar?
Sadly, that day/time has been reserved for a gym event.  

Why does it say I've registered for a Drop In Class?
Birthdays are listed as classes to make registration smoother.

Once I schedule, will someone reach out to me?
We do everything digitally, so we ask that you send a text a week out to confirm the number of kids and/or make any special requests.  

Do we need to sign a waiver?
Yes, all participants must have a waiver signed. 
  • Go to Zen Planner
  • Click on ANY black box that says "waiver link." 
  • Feel free to send this link to all participants. 
  • Paper versions are available

How many kids are allowed?
Up to 15, which includes the birthday child
Every child over the 15th will be a $50 additional charge
We request you let us know ahead of time for proper staffing

Is there an age limit?
All participants must be 8 years old
Very little wiggle room is allowed
Adults can (and should) totally have parties here.  

Can parents join?
Parents who sign a waiver are allowed to join in on the Nerf Battles at the end at no extra charge.

Is there a limit to the number of spectators/family members?
Yes.  We aren't a conference hall, so please help by keeping approximately 1 spectator per participant.

Where do you recommend getting pizza from?
Pizza Works!  They've catered 90% of our parties over the last 5 years.  If they're closed, sorry, you're on your own.  They're the only ones we trust!

What do you guys provide?
We provide at no additional cost:
  • The facility and obstacles
  • Expert instruction and supervision
  • All Nerf blasters, ammo and safety equipment 
  • Two 6 foot tables and accompanying chairs
  • Fridge/freezer available upon request.

Can kids bring their own Nerf equipment?
Yes, but it isn't needed!  Just don't bring ammo!

When should we get there?
15 minutes before the start time. 
You have the first 90 minutes to set up!

What if I'd like to arrive earlier?
There is an $8000 early set up fee

What if it snows/tornadoes/gets cancelled for Covid?
We offer to reschedule or refund with no extra cost.

Is the deposit refundable?
Only in extenuating circumstances, but typically no.

Can we change the duration or remove certain activities?
Yes, just email us ahead of time with any specific requests.  

Will anyone else be in the space during out party?
No one will be in the parkour space during your party.  

Can I tip the instructors?  
Absolutely!  And it's greatly appreciated!

Are masks required?
The hosting family can choose whether masks are required
*In the event of a state mandate, this may change

Are you a trampoline park?  
No.  Bring shoes!

Can we change the date?
Yes, but please do so with as much notice as possible. 
If you reschedule a week out from the party, there is a 0% chance we can fill that spot and we've just lost out on that entire revenue. 

Can we see the facility?
Yes, we run tours every Sunday at 12:30pm
For $10 more, you can jump into the Intro Class!