What will you learn?

Our BBoy program will, of course, start by teaching you the basic movements of BBoying, while building the strenth, flexibility and balance to start learning more advanced moves.  In the class you will figure out how your body moves and be challenged to find your personal style and persona.  As students progress, they will learn power moves such as the windmill, 1990, and flares, while practicing and polishing all of the basics necessary to make a solid routine.  Students can come and practice just for fun, or they can train for hard for the many competitions held in the region.  If you're looking for a fun way to express yourself through movement, this very well may be the class for you.


The Instructor

I (Scott) will be the first to admit that I have no clue about dancing, music (I literally never listen to music), or hip hop culture.  All good reasons why I won't be teaching this class!  However, Kevin Giles has more than an idea, being an integral part of the BBoying scene in CT for over a decade.  Kevin is part of a crew that has trained, competed, performed, taught, and hosted the biggest events that Connecticut has ever seen.  With chapters popping up all over the country, there influence is spreading and changing the world of BBoying permanently.  Kevin has taught out of multiple dance schools, as well as running the Wesleyan BBoying club in his spare time.  Kevin is also one of the very first Parkour students to study at AMParkour, coming to the first event we held in September of 2009.  In addition to being a BBoy instructor, Kevin is also one of AMParkour's Parkour coaches, and has put in more time towards the success of our program than most other students combined.