The Story Behind AMParkour

AMP Version 0.0:  Before AMP started, Scott Hoffman and his friends learned to do flips on trampolines and in the backyard like most of the fools you see on Youtube.  My first actual introduction to Parkour was when my college rooommate and I started watching the videos on Youtube and tried to mimic the things we saw.  It was ugly and painful and we try to forget those years.  However, these were also the formative years of my stunt training with Hyphen Movies, which also promoted my Parkour path.  

AMP Version 0.1: I'm training martial arts at the Modern Self Defense Center in a 7,000 sq foot warehouse on the second floor at 180 Johnson St in Middletown, CT.  My martial arts instructor Chris Martell says to me, "wouldn't it be cool to have a Parkour gym inside our martial arts facility?"  I respond with "I used to do Parkour.  I would love to do that."  To which he says, "Well, let's find out who's doing that right now and see if it's doable for us as well."  Cue the travelling music as AMP travels to Washington, D.C. to take our first lesson and private lesson with members from APK.  I was hooked and building commenced in the facility.  


AMP Version 1.0: The actual name started out as Central Connecticut Parkour (CCPK), which launched in September 2009.  We advertised via word of mouth, Facebook, and Meetup.  The very first seminar I ever ran was attended by current owners Mike Lavoie and Kevin Giles.  We were an adult only program at that time and didn't allow flips of any kind.  But we had a sweet rock climbing wall made from a 5, 12, 13 right triangle.  Yea math!


AMP Version 1.1: We re-launch as Adaptive Movement Parkour in early 2010 with a new logo thanks to Lena and some new equipment like more vaults, mats, and a table.  We start taking on kids as students where the likes of Jimmy, Alex P, Vince, Devin, Sammy, Luke, Dave, Ryan M, Colton, and Josh find their way to their new home.  We install our first gymnastics floor!  We also started allowing "flying dive rolls," but not flips.  Definitely not flips.  

AMP 1.1

AMP Supplemental Training: AMP also developed some satellite locations for additional freerunning training.

Aviator Gymnastics, NY (You can actually see Enfield, Norwalk, and Aviator in this video)

Norwalk YMCA, CT

Enfield Gymnastics, CT

GCA Fairfield, CT


AMP Version 2.0: Due to the move of the Modern Self Defense Center, AMP partners up with Crossfit-Religion and moves to a space on the bottom floor of the same building in Middletown.  We go from having a small corner to about 1,500 sq feet of dedicated space, and another few thousand feet of shared space.  Most of our next gen of coaches comes of age at 2.0 and we start our first leveled classes.  We film our first gym video here and hold a fundraiser in order to move into our next space.

AMP 2.0

MSDC Version 2.0: When AMP moved downstairs, Scott Hoffman, Lena Pacheco, and Jose Pacheco took over as owners of the Modern Self Defense Center, and moved into a 4000 sq foot facility in Meriden.  We trained our first Pro fighter there, held JKD, BJJ, FMA, and conditioning classes, and hosted numerous awesome events.  Sadly, as time and energy dwindled, having two separate facilities became too much for the owners, and MSDC 2.0 had to close its doors, to reopen as a part of AMP 3.0.  

MSDC 2.0



AMP Version 3.0: We partner up with a fitness gym in West Hartford, hoping that it will be the promised land.  We spend 6 months building a phenomenal facility, and then another year waiting for it to open.  Our landlord is unable to come through with his end of the bargain, so the best we get out of this place is a lot of instructor training.  We did level up and get a full bar cage, foam pit, and martial arts floor when we moved here.  We have to do another fundraiser to get out of there, but at least the video turns out awesome!

AMP 3.0

AMP 4.0 Fundraiser

AMP Version 4.0:  We're finally here.  A new 13,000 sq ft facility.  We have a volunteer staff of over 20 people, more obstacles, more awesome.  Check it out!

AMP 4.0