AMP Air Floors

Why Do You Need an Air Floor?

AMParkour is now your go to place to order air floors to learn tricking, flipping, tumbling, break dancing, free running, or any other kind of acrobatics!  Air floors are softer, safer, and give you more air time than a traditional gymnastics spring floor, and more room for error than a tumble trak, tumble strip, or air strip.  They are the only floor that gives you the safety and confidence you need to step up your acrobatics game!

Why Buy Air Floors from AMP?

  • We can guarantee the quality and durability, since we've been beating the tar out of ours non-stop, and it keeps on sending us airborne!

  • We ship to your door at no extra cost!

  • We are roughly half the cost of some of the other companies.

  • You can get ANY SIZE you need!


Size: Any length by any width.  Ours is 20' x 30'

Thickness: 8 inches thick


Cost Formula:

  • Length (in meters) x Width (in meters) x 100 + $3000

  • Example: 6m x 9m = 36 square meters. 

  • Total Cost: $6600 (a fraction of what some other companies cost)

Comes With:

  • Shipping to your door (minus any taxes, tarifs or duty fees that are charged upon arrival)

  • Pump to inflate/deflate

  • Handles

  • Repair kit (in case of punctures and small tears)

Add Ons:

  • Your personal logo in the center: $100

  • Your gym name/website on the edge: $100

  • Second Pump to Inflate/Deflate Faster: $100

  • Carrying Bag for Safe Transport: $50


The item can be returned for a refund in the event that it is damaged up arrival.  

How to Order:

Email for all requests!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it Safe? 
Any physical activity, especially ones that involved inverted skills have inherent risks.  However, the surface has give that a spring floor, cheer floor, or hard floor does not.  It has more width than a tumble trak or air strip.  It gives also gives you more height than a spring floor, but not so much that landings are exceptionally dangerous like with a string bed trampoline.  We use it as a third level progression after use in the foam pit and training on pit mats.  Obviously, we cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained in the use of this obstacle, but we stand by its reliability and it is a staple in our facility.

2.  Is it as fun as it looks?

Absolutely!  For the youngest kids it is like a moon bounce.  For our intermediate kids it is perfect for bouncing, tumbling, and stunts.  For our advanced students, it is the perfect way for them to develop the air awareness for advanced flipping skills.  Kids beg to use the air floor at our facility all the time!

3.  How long does it take to work in?

There is a break in period of about two months as the material needs to be stretched to reach maximum bouncitude (totally a word).  We recommend focusing on tumbling, jumping, and rolling skills moreso than big acrobatics in that break in period as maximum height won't be reached yet.

4.  Is it durable?

With a similar model to ours, friends of our have taken it on adventures on multiple surfaces including cement/asphalt (with a tarp down), on a beach, in a field, used as a slip and slide, used on astroturf, and even on water.  Though for liability reasons we can't suggest these uses for the air floor, it is still kicking.  Ours has been used with shoes, without shoes, with a full class of kids on it, it's been jumped on from the top of a tall block, it's been left inflated for months, and it's been inflated/deflated/folded up hundreds of times.  

5.  How long does it take to inflate?

It can be unfolded and inflated (or deflated) in about 15 minutes, or less if you buy a second pump.  We leave ours inflated most of the time since it gets so much use.

6.  How long does it take to ship?

From payment to arrival we estimate approximately 4-8 weeks.  Our first order made it in 27 days!

7.  This is really inexpensive compared to others out there?  How come?  My spidey sense is tingling. . . 

There are a few reasons that we are able to have such low prices.

a.  We don't keep them in stock.  We order them individually for our customers, so we don't have any overhead to worry about.  

b.  We're new.  We want new, happy customers to help spread the word about this new venture.

c.  We fought to find the best quality at the lowest prices, and didn't stop until we got what we wanted.  This took a long time and a lot of research.

d.  I'm not doing this to get rich.  I am a school teacher, a Parkour/martial arts coach, and a small business owner.  I'm not here to take all of your money, just enough to buy more cool stuff for our gym.  Every purchase helps us get new equipment to train on at AMParkour!