Aerial Silks

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What do you do in Aerial Silks?


Aerial Silks is an art form using two silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling to perform acrobatics such as climbs, drops, poses, wraps and flips. 


Training Aerial Silks is:

  • A Phenomenal Workout! 

    • You'll build upper body strength, core strength, flexibility, and incredible self confidence!  

  • A Ton of Fun! 

    • You'll connect with unique individuals who build each other up, and create awe inspiring performances together!


Is it Safe?


Absolutely, especially when you:


  • Learn from a trained instructor 

  • Using step by step progressions 

  • With a trained spotter who can physically guide you 

  • Starting at lower heights

  • With squishy safety mats beneath you

Who Can Participate?

Kids (ages 8-12), Teens (13 -18), and Adults (18 and up).

  • You don’t have to be a gymnast or professional athlete

  • We start at the basics and gradually build up

  • All genders are welcome!


Nervous?  Curious? 


We are happy to answer any questions you may have! 


How to Start?   ( In 2 SUPER Complicated Steps )

1. Visit the Link Below

2a. If we're enrolling, Enroll!

2b. If not, email:

      to be on the wait list!